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How To Buy

The PLURcoin ICO is powered by the Coinbase Commerce platform. You can use Coinbase to securely acquire PLURcoin using funds in your Coinbase account.


Alternatively you have the option of acquiring PLURcoin using a crypto wallet (we recommend Trust Wallet) through direct transfer to the PLURcoin ICO wallet.

If you are new to the world of cryptocurrency, check out the tutorial video on setting up a Coinbase account and detailed instructions on purchasing PLURcoin via our ICO page.

1. Download the Coinbase app and set up your account

2. Purchase Ethereum (ETH) (This should be the amount you are wanting to invest in PLURcoin).

3. Select the Buy Now button on

4. Login or register for a PLURcoin account.

5. Click the Buy Token button.

6. Enter the number of PLURcoin you wish to purchase. The purchase price will be calculated in Ethereum (ETH).

7. Select Make Payment via Coinbase.

8. Enter your Coinbase credentials to complete payment.

9. Please be advised it can take time for the tranasction to go through and show up in your user Dashboard. This all depends on how busy the Blockchain is at the time of purchase.

10. If you have received a receipt from coinbase commerce and your dashboard has not updated your new token balance, please follow the instructions in this video on how to fix that. We are currently working with coinbase on this fix. Click here for video 

For further questions & troubleshooting visit our FAQ 


​PLEASE NOTE: All PLURcoin will be distributed at the conclusion of the ICO. In order to receive your PLURcoin you must have provided your receiving digital wallet address.   









1. If you have not already, download the Trustwallet app and register.

2. In Trust wallet, select the Receive button.

3. In the search menu type “smart chain”.

4. Select “smart chain” and copy the receiving smart chain address provided.

5. In your PLURcoin user dashboard paste the receiving smart chain address provided in Trustwallet.

6. Congratulations! You are now registered to receive your PLURcoin at the conclusion of the ICO.

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